Used Restaurant Equipment

Why You Should Consider Buying Used Equipment For Your Bar and Restaurant in Las Vegas

Golden Quality Reconditioning

Should I buy used equipment for my bar or restaurant? Is the equipment reliable? And will I be assured of top notch quality? Well, these are some common questions that owners of bars and restaurants in Las Vegas ask themselves once in a while. The truth is that with the right equipment you stand to gain in more than one way. The following are the top benefits of purchasing second-hand equipment:


Cost Saving

Quality bar and restaurant equipment may be quite pricey. This becomes a challenge especially to a person who is starting out or has limitation of funds. Rather than settling for cheaper items that are of substandard quality, it is more advisable to buy used equipment. The items will have been sourced from good establishments. They will give you same service as new ones but will be much cheaper.

Golden Quality Reconditioning

One of the main advantages of buying used bar and restaurant equipment is quality. Normally, the equipment will be acquired while still in good condition. The dealer will then carryout repairs and service to improve quality. This entails: cleaning, stripping, replacing worn-out parts, re-painting, and testing. As a way of assuring you of quality, the seller offers guarantee on parts and labor.


Wide Range

The above factors clearly show why purchasing used or second-hand equipment is beneficial to a restaurant, bar, bakery, deli, grocery store owners, among others. Nonetheless, in order to enjoy maximum benefits, it is important to deal with an experienced and reputable dealer. One company that knows well in Las Vegas is Golden Bar & Restaurant Equipment. Our company not only stocks an assortment of quality used equipment, but has been doing it for many years.


Golden Quality Reconditioning

Our in-house technicians will refurbish just about any type of food service equipment.

  • Cleaning/Washing
  • Stripping
  • Re-painting
  • Replacing non-functional parts
  • Testing
  • 90-day warranty on parts and labor.

Why Reconditioned Equipment?

When you purchase a reconditioned machine, you can expect the same strong quality of a brand new machine. This reconditioning process is another way to experience the quality and accuracy of some of the outstanding machines in the food service industry, offering performance, safety, and durability that meet your specific order.

  • Dependable Equipment At Significant Savings
  • Complete system recalibration
  • Complete tear-down and rebuild
  • All the advantages that a new machine provides at exceptional savings to you!